Why not believe?

It’s that time of year. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas with a visit from Santa Claus, you can’t help but hear about him, especially here in the US.  Over the years, I have grown to want less and less of what Santa has come to represent: over-the-top giving of stuff that no one needs.

Today, however, I am pausing to see things differently.

What is the meaning of Santa Claus?

Santa is generosity, magic, joy, delight. Santa gives without expectation. Santa follows laws of cause and effect (have you ever gotten coal in your stocking?) but is otherwise non-judgmental and unconditional love. Santa offers hope. Santa is a guide for children who need a reason to do the right thing. Despite the Santa tracker on the news, Santa is invisible, coming and going without being noticed. Santa is simply Love personified, the real deal, that which many of us aspire to.

Why NOT believe?
What is the power in believing?

As I pondered that this morning, I thought about those people in my life who brought Santa to life over the years for me and the impact of their actions. I felt loved and wanted and seen. I felt the joy and delight that “Santa” wants for me. I felt the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. Because of Santa Claus, many human beings gift our world with Santa’s superhuman traits.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing!

No longer a child, I am aware that I get to be Santa now. I get to bring the love and joy and generosity and delight. I get to give people a reason to believe in the basic goodness of life. And I know the joy of giving, of bringing joy to others. How about you?

What if you believed in Santa?
What would believing create in you?

What is YOUR wisdom?