I am about to leave town for a family vacation. Truthfully, my brain is already in vacation-mode and my willingness to write to you is waning. It occurred to me that perhaps I need to write about what is most present for me! Since we are heading into summer, a time when many folks take vacations, this actually makes sense. So, here we go!

What is your relationship to “vacation”?

I hope you are able to take vacations regularly, settle in and relax when you do, come back refreshed. Isn’t that what a vacation is for?

Sure. But, just maybe, this isn’t your experience. Perhaps you find yourself in one of these descriptions:

  • I am too busy at work and can’t take a vacation. Or, if I do, I will be connected to e-mail or other messaging 24/7 anyway.
  • I find vacations to be more work than they are worth! By the time I tie up loose ends at work, pack, get everyone else ready, I’m exhausted! And, when I come back to work, the backlog is horrible.
  • I have a hard time slowing down and enjoying myself when I am away.
  • I worry about money the whole time I am gone.

Or maybe for you it is something else that gives vacations a bad rap.

Want something different?

I have just a few ideas for you (and me!).

  • More than anything, we need to know that time away from routine – whatever that routine is – is vital! Our spirits need us to shake things up every now and then. So do our colleagues. No one is indispensable. Work will go on without us. Yes, it will.
  • Keep it simple. Less is more. Travel lightly. Consider leaving some of the jewelry home!
  • Remember your decision to do this thing called vacation. Each time your mind travels to worry about money or work, come back. Reaffirm in yourself why you are taking this break. Check in if you need to around budget, make adjustments if needed, then let it go!
  • Be in the moment. What is really here now? What beauty surrounds me? What am I feeling now? What must I let go of to be here now?
  • Finally, “Expectations down. Acceptance up.” Breathe. It’s okay. Whatever it is!

Happy Vacationing!


One Reply to “Vacation”

  1. This is good advice, especially the “Travel lightly” piece. I also practice”Whatever happens is part of the adventure, so go with the flow. It may turn out to be the best part!”.

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