I am not strange …

… I am a limited edition! A friend shared this with me earlier today. When I looked up the source, I found the original quotation from author, J.T. Geissinger:

“I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.”

My friend and I were talking about expressing our true selves, daring to live “my” life, and not some watered down version of life based on who “you” think I “should” be.

Yet, I bet you all have met some eccentric folks, living their lives, their way. Perhaps you judged them weird or strange and vowed that you would “stay within the lines, the confines of society’s normal”. Yet, every genius, inventor, child prodigy, spiritual guru who ever walked the planet was an eccentric who lived “outside the lines”! And without their contributions, our lives would be so much less rich.┬áDepending on the eccentricity, you may have labeled some of these folks weird – and others, amazing limited editions!

Today, I am inviting you to be your own “limited edition”. Yup! Who are YOU really? What makes you uniquely you? What part of your uniqueness do you share with the world around you? And even more importantly:

How do you label yourself (if you must use a label, that is!)?
How can you embrace you as “limited edition”?
What are you waiting for?

What is YOUR wisdom?