When we look within, instead of without,
and we focus on Truth instead of doubt,
when our vision is free from fear and strife
and we live each new day with the whole in sight…

When we learn there is only One Source of the Light:
One Presence, One Power, One day and One night,
and we choose to unite in all that we are
with the wisdom we’ve seen looking on from afar…

‘Tis then that we travel on Spirit’s strong wings
together forever. This union it brings
a clarity only the heart can discern
and we know that this Now has lessons we’ll learn.

We open ourselves and we trust as we take
each next step; we’re guided through each passing day.
And as we pause to listen, we know
the Presence of Spirit. We’re One with the whole.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2008

What is YOUR wisdom?