What Is It?

What is the door I must step through
to completely embrace the all of You?
What is the work I must pursue
to show the world all that You do?

What is it I still cling unto
which hides from me a wider view?
What is the key that will unlock
the chains which bind and trip and block?

What do I hold in heart and mind
which fills the space and so does bind?
Heavy the weight I pull behind.
Slowly progress yet fail to find

the freedom I seek, for fear o’er takes
when carrying burdens in my wake.
What need I now release to make
the room I need as I now stake

my claim to all You give to me
this day, tomorrow, eternity?
What is it that I must believe
if Your Love fully I would receive?

Spirit, my guide, my soul, my friend,
You are in charge and I must bend
and cease my desire to defend
for unto me sweet love You send.

So now, this day, I trust and know
that as I choose You, I do grow.
This is the way, the only door
that I must cross. My life is Yours.

What is YOUR wisdom?