What about YOU?

Recently we’ve explored relationships, considered investing deeply in one that we care about, releasing others which aren’t serving us in an effort to simplify. We’ve peaked at life from the toddler’s view and seen that assuming the best in people might be helpful. (*)

Today, we consider the most primary relationship in your life: YOU. You are the one person you can never walk away from, the one person whose choices, beliefs, health and well-being, actions and in-actions will ALWAYS affect you.

What is your relationship with you?

Think about that. Do you get the best of you – or the leftovers? Do you listen to your thoughts, body, heart, soul? Do you consider these messages when making choices? Do you know what matters to you, what you’re passionate about, what your core values are? If so, do you honor them?

I come from a generation taught to respect our elders, put others’ needs in front of our own, give – and give more, “this is how it’s done – personal opinion doesn’t matter”. I realize that many in my generation, because of this, parented differently and created the “me” generation! Some of you reading this are always paying attention to “my wants, my needs, my preferences.”

Where are you on the continuum between:

I DON’T MATTER <—–|—–|—–|—–> ONLY ME!

Please, find yourself now. If you are close to either end, in the lower or upper quartile, then I have a BIG ask:

Will you make a conscious effort toward the middle?

If you practice “Only Me!”, then add questions like these to your daily interactions with people:

What do YOU think?
What is YOUR preference?
How can I support YOU?

If you practice “I don’t matter” then add questions like these to your morning ritual and before responding to others:

What do I think?
What do I prefer?
What support do I need?

Your shift – whichever direction it is – is a gift to life on this planet. Thank you!

(*) To read the earlier posts on relationships, go to www.SongsForYourSpirit.com

What is YOUR wisdom?