What is mine to give?


I don’t often share another’s work in its entirety, but this poem was shared in sacred circle yesterday, and it touched me deeply:

Clearing by Martha Postlewaite

Do not try to save
the whole world
or do anything grandiose.
instead, create
a clearing
in the dense forest
of your life
and wait there
until the song
that is your life
falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.
Only then will you know
how to give yourself
to this world
so worthy of rescue.

Many of us desire to have positive, powerful impact in our world. We see all that needs attention and we want to do our part. Martha’s words remind us of the importance of discernment.

What is mine to give?

We cannot do it all – we don’t have to! But we will never know what is truly our gift to offer if we don’t create the time and space to listen to our inner voice, our heart and soul.

Today and every day, give yourself the gift of listening through meditation, journaling or just the pause to take 3 deep breaths. In the space you create, be open and listen. You may hear the song for the moment; you may receive the song for your life. With your song on your lips, give yourself to Life as only you can.

2 Replies to “What is mine to give?”

  1. What a beautiful poem! I love the vision it brings. Thank you for sharing it and your words of wisdom that followed.

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