The Power of Personal Story

This morning I received an intuitive nudge to open “my” book:


and read. Written two years ago, I hadn’t opened it in MANY months. I almost didn’t today as that intuitive nudge was followed by my ego’s powerful reaction: “How prideful to think that your own book would inspire you!”

Yet, it did. I am writing to you now to say, “Write your stories! Dig into the truth that you are aware of in this moment and write it down!” Why? This human experience is not a solo journey. For each challenge I face, each joy I delight in, there are countless others who have or will experience something similar. Each of us who courageously shares what it’s like to be human is a gift to others on their path.

And, we all cycle. What I knew so deeply in my being two years ago, what I wrote about how to move through those challenges, I needed to hear again today! I had cycled back into fear and old ways of being and needed the wisdom from two years ago to pull me out of the depths. The fact that the chapter hit me as powerfully as it did tells me that there was wisdom and truth in those words that had come from a source much greater than my ego. Those words had been a gift from universal mind that were meant to be shared and I was simply nudged to be the author. They are not mine to hold and protect nor mine to hold back in fear that others will think I’m on an ego trip.

What stories are yours to share?
What wisdom is asking to flow from you?
What might you need to re-read down the road?

What is YOUR wisdom?