What is your 1%?

Too often, when groups of people collaborate and something doesn’t go as planned, the impulse is to look “out there” and notice what “they did wrong” — to find blame. This happens at work, at home, truly anywhere we humans attempt to co-create. Employees blame leadership and vice versa, siblings are quick to point the finger, spouses also, unfortunately, notice the others’ failings before their own.

Are you willing to try something new?

If so, read on! If you don’t think you are willing, please read on anyway.

Whatever happens “out there”, whatever chair you sit in at work, whatever anyone thinks about the cause of the chaos, your new response is to ask yourself:

What is my part in this?

And, if the only answers that come begin with phrases like: He did … which caused … OR She should have … OR It was all their fault … OR The government … OR … try again. Ask:

What is my 1%?
What small piece can I take responsibility for?

You might hear:

I could have …
I didn’t do X when …
I added to the chaos with …

Let your answers guide you to be part of the solution. Imagine if everyone looked FIRST for their 1% and came prepared to take responsibility?

What’s possible when you focus on your 1%?

What is YOUR wisdom?