What is your intention?

“Attention activates the energy field, and intention activates the information field, which causes transformation.” Deepak Chopra

More simply stated,

Attention energizes; Intention transforms

This simple phrase had a big impact on me this week and I’d like to invite you into its power. Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “What you focus on, expands.” Focus on the pile of work on your desk and fear of the looming deadline and quite likely, anxiety and overwhelm grow. Focus on a persistent pain in your body and it seems ever present. Paying attention energizes what we pay attention to!

On the flip side, setting an intention for a desired state:

  • I see my body healthy and free of discomfort, flexible and moving with ease
  • I am fully capable of completing the work in front of me; I will breathe deeply and complete each task from a place of calm assurance

invites our subconscious to have a very different and powerful impact on our consciousness. We are informing the depths of our being as to how our body will feel, how we will experience the work in front of us. Our intention, when it comes from a place of belief in its power, actually transforms us at a deeper level. Our body, mind and spirit respond. (*)

Try it! The next time you find your attention focused on an undesirable state, stop. Discern the positive intention you would like to manifest. Create a clear statement of your intention. Speak it. Write it. Be with it. Send this message to your inner being and out into the world around you. Then act as if it has already come to be.

Where are you placing attention in a harmful way?
What intention will you claim instead?

(*) There is much research being done on the power of intention. Consider reading The Field by Lynne McTaggart for an easy to digest overview of much scientific research.

What is YOUR wisdom?