What map are you following?


Have you thought about your life map lately? You know the one: it has clear directions which guide your choices day to day on the road to a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

You don’t have such a map? You just roll with the punches, let life push you around, or perhaps just go through the motions of living?

Oh! You have a map and, truth be told, it is actually very limiting so that you “succeed” and make no mistakes along the way.

Not that? Maybe you are following a map very carefully – but it isn’t your map.

Most likely, you are somewhere on the continuum between no structure and over-control or self-responsible and giving all your power away. And perhaps you are at a different point depending on which aspect of life (work, primary relationship, self-care …) you are thinking about.

Today I’d like to invite you into a few simple questions around any area of life that is chaotic, unhealthy or even just too comfortable.

Who is in the driver’s seat?
If nothing changes, where are you going?
What do you want to discover?
What shifts will insure that you DO?

What is YOUR wisdom?