When You Take A Big Risk …

At the suggestion of my coach, Maripat Abbott of Manifesting Possibilities, I'm writing to share a recent experience that is rich in learning for me. We know, of course, that my learnings are meant to help you – and vice versa. So, whatever piece of this you need to hear today, may you hear it in your heart and allow it to move you forward toward your greater magnificence.

Recently, I took a risk and stepped out in a BIG way! I decided to sell the coaching cards that I create and not only have them posted on my website, but at Coaching Toys, the premiere source for coaching products as well. Within days, I filled four orders and my spirits were flying high! Then it came – the notice that one of those orders would be returned to me. The customer was not happy.

CRASH!!!!!!!!!! And not just CRASH, but I'd read the e-mail immediately after an hour long yoga practice that had ended with 15 minutes of sacred savasana meditation. My emotional body immediately registered fear, disappointment, sadness and I welled up with a chest full of tension and eyes full of tears. And my thoughts? What a mistake I've made! I may as well quit. Sadly, I went the step further to imagine that single customer telling everyone she knew how horrible the product was and to avoid it. Certainly I would never sell another deck of cards. The folks at Coaching Toys would be unhappy for the mark on their reputation. Yada, yada, yada.

Now, for my next steps and the learning along the way.

  • Jeanne, you are in the car ready to drive home. Stop reading. Breathe.
  • Jeanne, you are home. PAUSE. Breathe again. Read one more time for clarity and call your support system. It is VITAL to have a support system and CRITICAL to pause, and not REACT.
  • Know yourself. I know that when my physical body is overcome with emotion, I need to acknowledge it. Today there was sadness, anger, fear. And I needed to let the tears flow. My support system knows this and encourages me to be with my process.
  • Invite Wisdom to speak. Once emotions were no longer in the driver's seat, I could reconnect with my deeper awareness and purpose. Why am I selling the cards and what is true about this one person's reaction? I could see that the concern about the product spoke about both the product and the buyer. My intention was honorable and in integrity with my beliefs. If a change was needed, I would make it. I also saw that one buyer in a world of potential buyers, was just that, one.
  • Allow thoughts to flow. Consider possible action steps and choose from a place of clarity. Then get going.
With my inner being grounded in wisdom and my personal truth, the action steps were clear. And I took them. Since the end of the story is not the point, but your curiosity may be peaked, here you go. I contacted the folks at Coaching Toys and had a wonderful, supportive conversation. The product is still available and unchanged for now. Yes, I will adjust the cards before restocking. From “I may as well quit.” to “What changes will I make to improve the product?” all in a span of 1.5 hours!

In the past, something like this would have resulted in an extended period of depression, extreme self-doubt and shame, and quitting. What's more, projecting this potential result most often kept me from taking the risk in the first place!

I have seen first hand that when you risk – put yourself out there – some folks will smile and some will frown. Some will celebrate and others put you down. My boldest actions are not going to touch everyone the same way.

So why bother? Why risk rejection? Is it worth it?

You will have to decide that for yourself. In my case, I grow through every challenge. And, I grow and expand each time I am the recipient of another's risk taking! What if no one dared put out anything new because they feared rejection? What if no one marketed new products, recorded new songs, spoke at keynotes, shared their truth?

A friend of mine, Jana Stanfield, at the end of one of her CD's, spoke these words:

Share the gifts you have been given. The world would be a sad and lonely place if no birds sang except the very best.

These words have often reminded me that there is a place for me too. My gifts are meant to be shared and will impact someone. As long as I remain grounded in my deepest purpose and act in integrity with my truth, then the risk is worth it and I'll be prepared to handle whatever comes from it!

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