Who are you really?

Who are you deep inside?
What do you value?

If you have ever experienced a life coaching session, you have probably spent some time looking inside to hear just what it is that really brings you alive and engages you passionately. From that place, you and your coach discovered some of your core values which, when honored day to day, make life worth living! Core values can include things like service, personal integrity, creativity, connection, security, honesty, joy. They are unique to you and drive your actions whether you know it or not.

Here are a few ways to uncover your core values:

  • What makes you upset, uncomfortable, perhaps angry? Dig into what is present in the opposite. If hoarding bothers you, perhaps you value simplicity or sharing or “wearing the world lightly”.
  • Recall an experience in your life when you were fully alive! You felt whole, engaged, strong, purposeful, totally comfortable in your own skin. Look deeply at who you were at that time. What qualities were present in you? What did you stand for? From here, what do you know that you value?
  • Find a life coach and ask for a session around core values.
You may be asking, “Why?”. Have you ever met someone whose passion was evident and whose energy irresistible? Think about that experience you recalled above. Were you irresistible – even powerful – in that moment? Imagine bringing that energy into all areas of your life. What is possible when we act from our core values, our inner truth? How much more do we offer the world in those moments?

Once you have identified even a few core values that you hold dear, take some time to survey your life:

What aspects of you show up and play full out in your life?
Where are your thoughts, words and actions aligned with your values?
Where do you hold back?
Who or what is missing out on “all of you”?
What more is possible?

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