Where We Are Whole

Oh that you would stop to see
the glory that is you
for we do choose who we will be
each day our whole lives thru.

And if our choices we deflect
for others’ lofty goals
in essence we have chosen
to betray our sacred souls.

Yet if, instead, we choose the way
of deep and inner passion
withholding not our energy
and from ourselves do fashion

a life of deepest knowing
as we flow throughout our days
then by the river of our making
will the neighbors stop and graze.

Strengthened by the life that teems
from all that we project,
each blessed man and woman
will have learned to self-protect…

and listen to the calling whispered
deep within our souls
and see with utmost clarity
a purpose and a goal.

And we will choose to feed the hunger
deep within our soul.
And we will feed each other
from this place where we are whole.

What is YOUR wisdom?