What Will I Give You This Christmas?

I searched my mind and thought real hard of presents that I’d give you.
And nothing spoke directly. Nothing screamed “It’s me! I’ll do!”
I tried the shopping frenzy, read the ads and checked the sales.
And still I came up empty. I knew stores would surely fail.

And so I stopped to wonder why, with retail options plenty,
nothing was the perfect gift for my dear loving family.
Ah! “That was it!” my heart replied. The gift that was to suit you
must be created in the love that every day does fill you.

And then I listed all the ways you’ve shared what’s in your heart:
homemade cards and salsa, photographs were just a start.
And then the royal feast, creations tasty and so vast!
I saw that you had filled each one with love so sure to last …

until we’d meet again — maybe not for months to come.
For each of you is busy being love in your home town.
So back unto the task at hand, to find a way to say,
“Thank you for the love you are today and every day.”

And then I knew my gift must speak directly to your soul.
And I know only one way — it’s the music that I mold
within my heart and soul which asks that you now look inside
and find the hidden splendor that you are this Christmastide.

Yes, you are a treasure. You are love and you are light.
You are the gift of Christmas — I see it as your life.
So please receive the gift you are, so holy and so rare,
the blessing you give others as yourself you freely share.

What is YOUR wisdom?