Without the Mirror

Once upon a time, mirrors did not exist. Dates vary, but one account says that the mirrors we know today were invented a mere 183 years ago. Imagine with me now a world without mirrors (or photography for that matter):

  • no reflection of your morning face in the bathroom mirror
  • no full-length reflection of your toned, untoned, thin or not-so-thin body
  • no reflection of your body dressed in the latest fashions of this year or last year or the last decade
  • nothing to show you your own exterior

Stay until you feel it – NO mirrors – NO reflections

Were you able to sense what else is missing in this world without mirrors? For one thing, endless hours staring at the mirror, perfecting hair and make-up, praising or berating ourselves. For another, comparisons. If we can’t see our own reflection, we can’t compare it to someone else’s!

NO mirrors – NO reflections – NO comparisons

When I am not staring into the mirror, I am more aware of my insides: thoughts, energy, emotions, desires. When I am not preoccupied with what I (or you) look like, I am free to be in the moment: play, work, serve, live! When I am not giving away my personal power to the mirror, I am free to use that same power to love, to give, to serve, to enjoy life.

What about you:
What will you do with the power you reclaim from the mirror?

(*) Inspiration Card, Perception Is Reality, is based on a photo by Joy Jordan. See more of her beautiful photography and sacred writing at bornjoy.com

What is YOUR wisdom?