How would a year-end review serve you?

As the calendar year draws to a close, I’d like to invite you into a very intentional pause – a pause to reflect, release, soak up the learning, and set intention. Think about this statement:

Today is merely the sum of past choices.

If that is true, then we need to look first at what is and how we got here. Then, we decide if “here” is where we want to stay and, if not, vision where we want to “go”. Finally, we set the course for the journey ahead. Notice that we don’t dwell in the past. We look at it in order to get a clear picture of how we arrived in today so we can make informed choices about tomorrow.

When was the last time you really took a deep dive into your life and set an intention for the direction you’d like to go?

Am I living into my core values?
Do I even know what I truly value?
Does this job allow me to express my best self?
Where are my relationships not founded in truth and integrity?
What changes am I ready to commit to?

If now is the time for some deep intention setting, you’ll find one version of a complete journey here:

End-Of-Year Review

Be sure to give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time and full presence to your process. To keep your intentions with you during the year ahead, consider:

  • creating a vision board that expresses your intentions
  • framing your “The Year I …” statement and keeping it on your desk, your mirror, your refridgerator
  • marking your calendar for periodic reviews during the year
  • sharing your intentions with one or two trusted others who can help you hold you accountable

This is YOUR life.
How intentionally are you living it?

What is YOUR wisdom?