It’s all about relationships …

The calendar has turned and a new year has begun. Many folks are setting resolutions for the year ahead and hoping that they stick. My invitation to you this year is to consider a focus on relationship. We are always, in every activity, in every situation, in relationship with someone or something. We are interdependent beings; none of us does this life solo. From the postal worker, the store clerk and the nurse to family, friends and colleagues, our being touches and is touched by others.

Take a minute now to mentally scan the key relationships in your life:

What is your investment in each?
What do you value here?
How do you show it?
In what ways do you withhold love, generosity, care?

Now, pick one person who doesn’t currently get the best of you in your interactions. Imagine shifting how you show up — investing more care, concern, curiosity and love.

What does this relationship feel like one year from now?
How has your investment impacted the other?

If you decide to focus on relationships this year, select one person and consciously give your best to the relationship. Be intentional until your new way of being is natural. Be sure to notice how the relationship feels as you shift your presence in it!

If you would like some help thinking about relationships, check out these Inspiration Cards:

Together We Can
Me to We

What is YOUR wisdom?