Your Support Team

It takes courage to act on our deep inner knowings and to make fundamental changes in how we live and move and have our being in this world. And, we don’t have to (perhaps dare not!) do this alone. In fact, in addition to gremlin voices (negators who live in our heads), each of us also has a team of inner supporters who believe in us, are ever-present and ready to assist. Our job is to identify the members of our team, hold practice with them regularly, then engage them in the big and small plays of daily life.

A strong team often has these positions (*) filled: the Appreciator, the Listener, the Curious One, the Self Manager, the Intuitive, the Teacher. Your team may have others.

Consider filling your team. Take it easy! Perhaps you focus on one position a day or a week. For each, pause, breathe, turn within and invite your inner wisdom to look in the following places for a likely candidate, one who represents that quality for you: people (past, present, alive or deceased, family, teachers, mentors, friends, foes), fictional characters, animals, a place in your body, a place you’ve been or one you imagine where you can sense the quality, an experience you’ve had.

These questions can help you get acquainted with each team member:

What is your job description?
What is important for me to know about you?
What do you want for me?
What is the special name I should use for you?

Finally, call upon your team regularly!

(*) Positions and questions adapted from the Coaches Training Institute materials

What is YOUR wisdom?