The World Needs Leaders … NOW!

Today, I’m feeling the urge to share an idea that has profoundly impacted how I move in the world. It was given to me in 2010 at my final Leadership Development retreat. Once again, I was overcome with feeling small, unworthy of being a leader, lacking belief in the gifts that are mine to give to the world. Finally, I reached out for help.

Karen Kimsey-House, the program leader and CEO of The Coaches Training Institute, looked at me and said:

“Jeanne, the world doesn’t have time for you to play small. The world needs leaders NOW! Get out of your shit and lead!”

POW! That smacked me upside the head and inside the heart. Believing that a leader is someone who sees what’s needed in the world and then puts it out there, I was being asked to stop holding back, get outside my fearful, little self, discern what need in the world is mine to fill, and take action now!

For me, that means saying “yes” when the opportunity to give a workshop or speak presents itself. It means hearing pain or desire in another human being and offering encouragement and hope. It meant releasing a 30 year career in IT and leading on the way out and into a second career as a life coach. It means writing blog posts and articles that are different from the mainstream but which align with how Life is guiding me.

It means saying “Yes!” and then inviting the Universe to support me and provide the strength and wisdom to complete the work.

What is calling your name?
What is yours to say YES to?
What gifts are yours to share?
How are YOU meant to LEAD?

What is YOUR wisdom?