A hint for the holidays …

For many of us, the holiday season is here – full steam ahead! Perhaps some of the parties are in the past but likely, time with family is yet ahead. And for some, family presents a special challenge: we care about these folks for they are a forever part of our lives if at all possible! Yet, while we may have grown up under the same roof, we have possibly grown apart as adults. Sometimes, connection has disappeared and been replaced by difficult personalities, different values, tension.

This season, I invite you – whatever your personal situation – to consider this:

Love is the answer.

This holiday, try a visioning practice when you gather with others. Imagine that you have pure Love streaming in from the Universe (or, if your prefer, from God or the Heavens, or Spirit or Jesus). Love streaming in! Now, imagine that same Love is also streaming out of you. You are receiving pure Love and spreading this Love and Light around!

Got it?

Now, imagine each precious being around you with pure Love streaming into them and that same Love, the Love that doesn’t originate from their humanness, but rather from Infinite Source, is also streaming out.

Now, to get a really clear visual, add some color to the Love that is flowing. Picture yourself in a roomful of people with ribbons of color floating in and out of the hearts and minds of each person – a virtual web of ribbon floating in the air!

What’s possible with so much Love present?
What’s not?

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