Miracles anyone?

Whatever your faith tradition, or even the absence of one, today I’d like to offer a message about miracles that is powerful. When I remember it, I am filled with gratitude – and that is a very lovely place to be!

Miracles. Are they magic? Is a miracle the thing that happens against ALL odds? Are they experienced only by someone else? Do they only happen in church? Peter Mayer, in his song Holy Now, suggests otherwise. He speaks of his christian upbringing and the miracles of Jesus, yet he writes:

Wine from water is not so small
But an even better magic trick
Is that anything is here at all
So the challenging thing becomes
Not to look for miracles
But finding where there isn’t one

What is your definition of a miracle?
What if everything is a miracle?
How would that belief impact how you see life?

You get to choose!

What is YOUR wisdom?