Holding on …

I’m experimenting these days with letting go. It has occurred to me that I can profess all the faith in the world, say that I trust that all is well in the big picture. But, if my actions resemble holding on, or trying to control everything and everyone around me, then I truly am not faithful, not trusting.

Have you ever done a trust fall? Here are a few images to give you the idea:

Imagine closing your eyes and beginning your backwards descent without being able to see the person(s) that will catch you. You must have total trust. You cannot control those who are supposed to keep you from hurting yourself. Yet, you cannot experience the joy of the free fall if you never let go, if you continue to hold on to your standing position!

So I ask all of us:

In what ways do we profess trust, but continue to hold on?
In what ways are our beliefs and actions at a disconnect?
What are we ready to let go of?

What is YOUR wisdom?