A Physical Train Wreck

A new day. Yup, it is! Physically, though, I feel like the aftermath of a train wreck (a.k.a. a night of NO good sleep and a cold that worsened instead of disappeared). The last time I wrote, you read:

When It's Time To Stop

Sound familiar? Well, actually that was a very different situation and life has been so filled since then! I did, however, go back there to hear needed wisdom. And I heard “Breathe. Pause and do something to re-ground, re-center”.

Now, I really thought I HAD BEEN doing that these last weeks which were filled with spiritual connection and family visits, time with old and new friends, volunteer work, music! Yet, I arrived in this day so sick I cancelled appointments at 3:00am and am here with you now.

What do I have to offer? Well, I know it won't work to:

  • Berate myself for getting sick
  • Keep going and deny that I am sick
  • Focus on the fact the I am sick
What will work is to remember:
  • The body is a natural healer and needs only the environment (rest, liquids, food, …) to support its process.
  • Emotions contribute to ill-health so gift myself with a journey inside to see what leftovers I am carrying around, what I've stuffed down in to block the flow of healthy energy.
  • I am so much more than this physical body. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. What is my spirit seeking to learn through this one?
So today, I am cleaning up the train wreck – gently and slowly. I am breathing deeply. I will make connections with friends who can hold my spirit as I let the emotions flow. I will rest when the body is able and move when it feels good.

I hope you don't need this train wreck message today. But if you do, know that I am sending you the willingness to let gentleness guide your actions today!

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