Another One Bites the Dust!

Or, more accurately, “Another one flies!”

Yesterday, I again had the privilege of witnessing a client say: I'm ready to fly! What that means is that she had taken a look inside, discovered fear and those “small voices” holding her back, and grew. She faced each one head on by taking actions in her life to strip away the power it had over her. She courageously moved into the driver's seat, into empowered leadership in her own life. From here, everything is now possible except, she said, “going back to the way it was.”

Are you flying in your life?

Do your actions and activities, dreams and goals, thoughts and beliefs reflect you? Are you free to choose from life's banquet and honor your unique set of talents, creative sparks, ideas?

Or, is your life a reflection, perhaps a very successful reflection, of well meaning parents, teachers, mentors, and friends and filled with what you should do or what is “right”? Unfortunately, this is the case for many Americans who have put such a high price on freedom yet live in emotional bondage.

Today, let the questions behind this card guide you in an inner exploration of your personal freedom or bondage:

It's Time Break Free Coaching Prompts

Consider also if your life is ready for a coach to accompany you on the path to freedom!

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