When It’s Time To Stop

Today, my being said, “STOP!”. Yes, in BIG BOLD letters I heard:

Stop. Take a break. You have nothing left to give.

Have you ever gotten that message? Do you heed it when it comes? Do you know the signs leading up to it?

I don't always heed the signs. All too often, I keep going, keep pushing, keep doing, keep on keepin' on.

Today, I felt like I didn't have a choice but to heed the warning. While I wanted to write a Tidbit for you, I had nothing to say. I wanted to do something creative, nothing sounded interesting. I didn't want to be alone – but I didn't want to be with a friend either. I tried shopping for something that would make me smile, but I only walked aimlessly through the store. The only thing that seemed possible was cry, crash, and burn. While this isn't true for everyone, for me, that's depression talking. And when my body gives me that message, I'm long overdue on something!

What about you? How do your body, mind, emotion, and spirit inform you when:

  • You've been working too hard for too long …
  • You need some time alone to recharge …
  • You just need to play a little bit …
  • You need to treat yourself to something special …
  • … it is time to STOP!
And do you have a practice, a habit, for listening regularly to the messages from your being so that you catch the “early warning signs”? It can be as simple as five deep breaths several times a day – OR – a morning and evening centering time. Imagine five minutes to get grounded in the day and another five to close out the evening. Once that becomes a habit, a couple things will happen:
  1. You'll come to appreciate it and it will add value to your life experience
  2. You'll notice when the habit slips, you forget, or you're too distracted to “do it justice” – this, then, is your early warning sign
For the next 21 days, try it … you just may like it!

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