Why do periodic reviews?

I just completed my annual review on March 1, the beginning of my new year. I was amazed to look back and notice how often I had stepped into new ways of impacting the world. I was reminded of all the personal challenges in the midst of that expansion. I realized how much I had grown! My intention for the year had been to celebrate, play and receive and I had done that – and – I had positive impact on those around me.

What is the purpose of the periodic pause,
noticing where we are,
looking backward, forward, setting intentions?

My review, this intentional pause, served as a huge acknowledgment of what I have to offer our world as well as all that I am grateful for. Setting an intention for the year ahead from this awareness allows me to leap forward, expand, become more of who I am to be in this lifetime.

I invest the time in this annual pause for clarity, assurance and direction.

What would you discover in an annual review?
How would your actions shift with a powerful, focused intention?

(*) For some guidance on how to do a review, check out EOY Review.


One Reply to “Why do periodic reviews?”

  1. Thank you for this reminder to take a look back (as well as forward), while enjoying the present. (And you are a gift to so many – much gratitude for the work you are creating and sharing!)

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