Listening to Universal Guidance …

For much of my life, I was a detail oriented planner – a computer programmer by trade. I lived in a world of control and needing to know the who, what, when, where, why of just about everything.

That was then. This is now.

Now I am practicing listening to the space, to the unspoken, to the magic that unfolds within and around me when I’m not holding on so tightly. I’m listening to the insights that appear in my awareness without thinking, to ideas that at first glance are wild and crazy and at second glance are truly gifts from the Universe delivered through my intuition. And I am learning to heed these impulses and take action.

What I know now is this: the path of living from my my intuition and heeding Universal Guidance requires daily recommitment. It’s not something to dabble in! Sometimes the Universe sends me so far out of my comfort zone or the previously known steps that I have no choice but to continue to trust, ask for help, listen for guidance and move with the flow. And the result is wild and wonderful and filled with awe and delight. What about you?

Where do you hold on too tightly?
In what ways do you limit your joy by controlling your experiences?
How do you ignore your intuition?

What shift is the Universe suggesting now?

What is YOUR wisdom?