Watching my garden grow

This morning, I gave myself permission to be with Life: the robins feeding their young, the clouds moving ever so slowly. And, the poppies popping! It has been three hours now since the first photo of the day:


with the poppies which were not open last night, OPEN! If you look ever so closely at the lower right-hand corner of that photo above, you’ll see the 4th poppy just starting to open. Then, an hour later, that same poppy bud open!


and another hour later:


and just one more hour later:


Okay – and one more hour later:


I’m floored! I’m also aware of Life in a new way. I have never allowed myself to witness nature like this before. Okay, I may be slow on the uptake here! And perhaps I DID witness such things when I was a child. Having spent Tuesday afternoon in the woods with a 2 1/2 year old who described the clouds as “cracking out” with such delight, it would seem a child simply cannot NOT witness the magic!

I guess some questions for me, and you, if you choose, are:

Where do I refuse to slow down and be fully present?
What is happening moment to moment that I miss?

What would a daily dose of wonderment do for my spirit?

What is YOUR wisdom?