Bowling Alley Wisdom Part VI

In case you missed part V, you’ll find it here:

Bowling Alley Wisdom Part V: The Foul Line

Lesson #6: Let It Go!

Here’s the thing: sometimes our attempt at knocking down ten pins results in a foul or a gutter ball (no pins knocked down!) or perhaps a ball so poorly thrown that we score but a few pins.

What do we do when that happens?

We might get angry, be embarrassed, give up and quit trying. And that would be a waste of the rest of the game, yes? How about this option instead:

Let it go and move on!
Look forward, not back.
Regroup and begin again.

Life asks the same of us. When we make a mistake, or take two steps backwards, or find ourselves wishing we hadn’t done “it”, we can give up or we can learn a lesson from the experience and move ahead stronger and more resilient.

What miss-steps or “failures” have you quitting?
What is the lesson?

What is possible if you “let it go and begin again”?

What is YOUR wisdom?