Bowling Alley Wisdom Part VII

In case you missed part VI, you’ll find it here:

Bowling Alley Wisdom Part VI: Let It Go!

Lesson #7: The Strike

The strike: knocking down all 10 pins with one ball. The strike is so exciting! Sometimes, we get lucky and score a sloppy strike. But other times, the strike happens because everything comes together and flows with ease. We have the right ball. We’ve used the arrows as our guide. Our approach to the foul line and ball release are smooth. The ball hits the head pin just right and this impact sets in motion pins hitting other pins until they all fall down. Years of practice followed by clear focus now, with this ball, pays off.

Here’s the interesting piece: Not only do we score more from a strike than from other balls, we get to throw less. When we bowl strikes, we don’t work as hard! A game of strikes requires 13 throws; a game of spares and misses? At least 20. It pays to practice and to be focused.

The same is true in life, isn’t it? Practicing our skills makes them easier to perform. Practicing results in better performance. Focus often means we “get it right the first time” and don’t need the “do over”.

In what ways are you throwing strikes?
Where is your focus scattered?
What practice would ease the journey?

How would a trip to the bowling alley serve you now?

What is YOUR wisdom?