Perception is Reality

That statement is very powerful. I might re-state it like this:

The world I see is filtered through my thoughts, experiences, awareness, emotions. It can NEVER be the world you see.

How I see, my perception, is reality to me. The challenge I face is in accepting that you see everything (including me) filtered through your lenses, your perception of reality. What you see is not what I see.

The gift here is that what I see, what I am perceiving now, is not the only way to see “it”. I can change my lenses at any time and see differently!

  • Is this situation stressful or an opportunity to let go?
  • Is the child’s behavior disruptive or is it an expression of her becoming who she really is?
  • Is the gift from a dear friend totally insensitive as “she knows I don’t like that” or is it her absolute best at expressing love?

Today, I invite you to carry several sets of eye glasses with you. In any situation, try on multiple lenses.

What other ways can you perceive what is happening now?
What version of reality will you embrace?


What is YOUR wisdom?