Brain on overdrive?

Is your brain ever bombarded by planning, thinking, worrying, conniving, others’ requests? You know the times … when no matter how hard you try, you cannot stop the spinning or take your mind off of the hamster wheel?

This usually happens in me when the to-do list for today (and the next 6 months) is long. There is way too much to do to take a break. The impact, however, of acting from a state of brain overdrive is usually a massive headache, mistakes, inefficiency, or absolutely NO forward progress on anything!

Today’s invitation is simple. The next time that you find yourself in overdrive, celebrate that you noticed! Then, dare yourself to stop and downshift. Downshift from brain overdrive to heart beat. Take five in heart beat gear and ask:

What part of this is EGO?
What does Compassion offer?
What does my Heart need?

Then dare to meet your heart’s desires.

What is YOUR wisdom?