When “one more thing” is gift …

One more task, one more phone call to make, one more person wanting my time and energy, one more thing …

Today’s thought comes from thinking about those of you who believe the only choice you have is to “do it”. You believe that if you don’t, know one else will. Whether or not you believe it, your actions suggest that you are “superman” or “superwoman”. I know that sounds harsh because I’ve been there. I still fall into the trap at times of trying to do it all.

Truth is, I can’t.

Yet I stay on the path of busyness way too long sometimes. It’s at these times when one more thing is a gift. Why? Because when one more thing is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, the thing that reminds me that I am not superwoman and that I cannot do it all, then that thing saves me from myself, from self-destruction, from hurting me – and you. This “one more thing” points me toward letting go, trusting others and my higher power, allowing myself to receive and you to give, rest.

In what ways are you trying to “do it all”?
What do you need to release?
Who needs the gift of doing “it” when you don’t?

What is YOUR wisdom?