Demon #3 …

… FEAR. Daring to change, taking a risk and trying something new, letting go and playing when you used to do the responsible thing … this is bound to bring up some fear.

What will I miss out on?
What will you think of me?
What if I don’t know how to do this new thing playfully?
What if I look like a fool?

If you are on the road from responsibility to play and you manage to move through the fear and look like a fool, then I say , “HOORAY!” You have taken the responsibility of learning to play seriously …

Huh, really?

On the road again …

… from responsibility to play, that is. This is part two in a short series. While exploring play and having a playful spirit, I am being challenged in many ways. Today’s thought is this:

Demon #2: Discomfort

Shifting from “responsible” to “playful”, or better yet, from “responsible” to “playful in responsibility” is a journey. For some of us it can be a long, uncomfortable journey, especially if we’ve been groomed to achieve, do well, set aside playfulness and games and be responsible.

If this is you, then expect discomfort! For that matter, celebrate it! If you are daring to toy with playfulness and it doesn’t feel good, play on! You are courageous and definitely “on the road!”.

On the road from responsibility …

… to play. Really? Are these mutually exclusive? If so, then I am destined for a play-less future because I have a very strong responsibility streak. I choose to believe they can coexist. And I’m here, in these next few posts, to share some of the demons that are getting in my way as I explore the topic of play.

Can’t help but notice the rhyme, the playful rhyme, that just rolled off the finger tips! If you missed it, that’s okay but you can return and find “way” and “play” in that last sentence!

Demon #1: Time

Did you take the time to go back and speak aloud that sentence until it rhymed for you? Did you play with the cadence until it worked?

Why not?
What stopped you from playing for a moment?
Was it a perceived lack of time?

What is your leadership style?

You ARE a leader. Do you know that? We all are. Everyone of us leads – and follows. Messages of leadership are all around us. With the holiday season around the corner, I am reminded of the story, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you haven’t watched this holiday classic every year since 1964 as I have, here is a link so you can catch up:

You can also read about the plot line here:

Rudolph and Clarice

As you think about leadership, consider how you lead at work, in your family, in your own life. Let Rudolph give you some things to think about with these questions:

  • Where are you hiding your unique leadership style? (like Rudolph hiding his nose)
  • Where does your leadership douse another’s light? (like Santa and Donner forcing Rudolph to wear a false nose)
  • Where does your leadership style exclude another? (like Coach Comet)
  • Where are you support for another’s growth? (like Clarice)
  • Where are you courageously breaking off from the tribe to be your (misfit) self? (like Hermey the dentist)
  • Where are you leading others to their truth? (like Yukon Cornelius supporting Hermey and Rudolph)
  • Where do you stand up for the misfits? (like Rudolph)
  • Where is your leadership strong, bright, powerful?
  • What will have you “go down in history”?
Hermie and Rudolph

The Ten Percent T-Rap

'Tis time to tell the tale
of a tactic tried and true
toward trusting transformation
to the totally terrific you!

A tool to test the tired,
and torment mere tiny thoughts.
'Twill be tedious, even turbulent,
oh so taxing when 'tis fought.

The tabloids think it terrible,
and tycoons a torrential typhoon!
It’ll tackle and be tragic
if tit for tat’s your tune.

Yet you’ll tap dance once you taste
this tangy, tantalizing, trick.
Tell the tag team to take charge,
team together; to be quick!

Today 'tis time to start to
share your talent and your time.
Ten percent tenaciously tendered:
transform your spirit with your tithe!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007