Checking in …

How do you check in with yourself each day? Does your morning start with an intentional pause to discern things like:

  • What MUST happen today?
  • Who needs a bit of attention today?
  • How prepared am I for what’s ahead?
  • What do I need to get grounded and ready?

I’ve had a “morning practice” for many years now, though it has changed many times. Recently, I made yet another change — inspired, actually, by a strong sense that my “grounding check-in” was actually ungrounding me and rendering me less prepared for the day ahead than before I got out of bed!


You’ve likely heard that we are multi-faceted beings: we have a mental body or intellect, a physical body, an emotional or heart-centered body and a spiritual body or soul (however you might define that). I was habitually letting the *loudest* body speak first. Usually it wasn’t a happy body! No. Sometimes discomfort or pain drew me into all that was wrong in my physical body. Sometimes, the lengthy to-do list caused my mental body to kick into high gear before I lifted my head from the pillow. If not those, or sometimes in combination, my emotional body went rogue with fear or depression.

If you haven’t guessed by now, all that activity rendered any “big picture”, leadership vision or positive intention setting impossible.

Does any of this sound like you?

If so, try flipping the script. Start with the space, vision, expansion, wider truth, soul. Then move toward the particles, the nitty gritty. Perhaps this image will help:

Start at the outermost circle and work your way inside. Only when you reach the core is it time to engage your mind and ask yourself those questions from above:

  • What REALLY must happen today? What can be released?
  • Who needs a bit of attention today? What is mine to give?
  • What will prepare me for what’s ahead?

Then take whatever steps are necessary to finish preparing yourself for the moments that are ready to greet you!

What is YOUR wisdom?