Deepen it!

Likely you have heard that visioning is powerful and that staying in the vision, embracing it with your body, mind, spirit and emotion, making a visceral connection to what it will feel like to live the vision, is crucial. Why? Because when we can imagine it to that extent, feel it as if it were happening, we are likely to make choices that match who we are in the vision. We manifest the vision by deepening the felt experience of it in the present.

Deepening the felt experience can also serve us when we want to move away from a behavior or habit. Try it. Call to mind one of those “should do” messages you are always giving yourself:

  • I should exercise more
  • I really want to learn to play the piano
  • I should spend more time with my children
  • I should …

Now deepen it. Imagine nothing changes and, for the next 10 or 20 years you continue to not exercise, never start playing the piano, and you do not spend time more with your children. Deepen it some more.

What are you sensing?
What is that 10 or 20 year vision?
What shift is needed now?

What is YOUR wisdom?