Free Agent or Groupie?

I used to have a very strong need to *belong*, to feel part of the gang. Can you relate? These days, I am noticing something has shifted. No matter how much I value something or someone – the organization, musician, author – no matter how powerful their impact on my life … I am not a groupie! I won’t go anywhere, anytime, to see them perform. I won’t do anything, anytime, in service of the organization. My need to belong has lessened. My willingness to go to any length for “it” isn’t there anymore.

So, if I’m not a groupie to anything or anyone, what drives me, supports me, guides me?

I realize that I am a free agent and the Universe is ever watching out for me – creating opportunities from which I will choose how I will impact the world. Ever free, and with Universal Guidance on my side, I belong to everything and nothing at the same time. I belong to all and yet am not bound by anything.

To what do you belong?
What guides you?

What is YOUR wisdom?