New Growth

Springtime is here as evidenced by the rapid, new growth on so many plants and trees. Spring growth is often tender, delicate, paper thin and requires gentleness of tending to avoid ripping and premature death. Yet, with exquisite care in the early phases, spring growth becomes strong, hearty and mature before our very eyes.

It is the same for you and me. With courage, we plant new seeds, new talents and skills, new ways of being and we nourish this growth in ourselves. With exquisite care, our newness matures before our very eyes! Yet impatience, intolerance, judgment, comparisons and unwillingness to be “a newbie” can uproot this growth in an instant.

What new growth are you nurturing this spring?
What exquisite care are you practicing?
What is your vision of maturity?

What is YOUR wisdom?