What Do You Tolerate?

Tolerate: to endure or resist the action of without serious side effects or discomfort …

Okay. So we tolerate and nothing horrible seems to come of it. We tolerate too many to-do’s on the plate. We tolerate a job that doesn’t challenge us. We tolerate the nagging tooth pain because it isn’t convenient to go to the dentist right now. We tolerate clothes that don’t fit.

Take a few moments to browse the landscape of your life. Consider some or all of these general categories or replace them with others that are more meaningful to you:

  • Career or Education/Academics
  • Money (Job or Obsession with)
  • Primary Relationship
  • Family and other meaningful relationships
  • Physical Environment/Household
  • Spirituality, Personal Growth, Alone Time
  • Health/Exercise/Sleep
  • Creativity
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Social Life

For each, ponder:

What do I tolerate here?
What would shift “tolerating” to “nourishing” or “enjoyment” or “ecstasy”?
What am I willing to risk?

What is YOUR wisdom?