Energy Leaks

What do you think of when you hear “energy”? Perhaps you connect with being tired or sick and having no energy. Or maybe you slept soundly and are filled with energy! Today, though, I invite you into the energy of your emotional and mental beings for a moment. Consider:

  • the energy to spin a decision around and around and around before actually deciding and taking action
  • the energy consumed by worry around what might happen
  • the energy spent avoiding the task you don’t want to do … but which will take a total of 15 minutes once you begin
  • the energy consumed by fear of the unknown, fear of how another will respond, fear of the amount of work ahead if you make “that” decision
  • the energy consumed as you try to hide your preoccupations, fears, worries

All of these are energy leaks, draining precious life energy from you. Only you can plug these invisible leaks. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Decide to postpone action until some later time, mark your calendar, then – let it go! Give it no energy until then.
  • Take a minute to notice how it will feel to have completed that 15 minute task, then set a time and when that time comes, just do it! Don’t forget to celebrate when you are done!
  • Talk to a trusted friend about the fear or worry you are trying to hide. Let the dam break open. Then revisit the situation.

What energy leaks are you experiencing now?
What energy would you reclaim by plugging the leak?
What now?

What is YOUR wisdom?