When “I” am “We” – Part II

If you missed part I, please take a peak:

When “I” am “We” – Part I

In part II, I invite you into some real power around this I/We concept. And it is very simple. The human Jeanne, when faced with a decision reviews it from three aspects of the human:

  • Body – Am I healthy enough? What does the body need?
  • Mind – What do I think about “it”? Does it interest me? Will I enjoy doing it with them?
  • Emotion – What am I experiencing now: joy, depression, peace, sadness … and how does this opportunity fit with what I need now?

When “I” becomes “We”, I let Soul Essence, the Universe, Divine Guidance be in charge. And I choose to believe that the Universe or God is unconditional love, unlimited positive energy, pure compassion, and is in everyone. All are connected, all are one, in Essence. From this perspective, I am aware that often my human self comes up with “I don’t want to” when, in fact, my deepest core beliefs and values, the awareness I have when connected to the Universe, is saying a huge “YES!” I want to put your needs first – I want to serve – even as my human is saying no.

Imagine an invitation to a family reunion in another state or a service opportunity all weekend or a leadership role in your spiritual community that will consume time you don’t have. For each of these, there are many ways for the human self to decide, “No, that’s not for me.” And sometimes, it isn’t. Yet, when the perspective of Oneness, Essence, God leads, and I am aware that this, too, is me, I find it ease-full to lead with my soul and say “Yes!”.

What is yours to do when Soul/God/Universe/Oneness leads?


What is YOUR wisdom?