How Small Is Your Cage?

I recently read, in a book called Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach, the story of Mohini, the white tiger who was given to President Eisenhower as a gift in the 1960’s. While the story is not new, it struck me in a fashion that got me writing to you!

In brief, it is the story of a rare, gorgeous, white tiger name Mohini who spent many years in a 12 by 12 cage at the Washington zoo. Finally, the zoo decided to build her a large, natural habitat. Despite acres of land to roam, Mohini entered her new home and immediately ran to a far corner by the wall and lived out the rest of her days pacing a 12 by 12 foot square.

The truth is that each of us reside in self-defined, limiting cages. While yours may be much larger than years ago, you are still in a cage. Self-erected walls limit your vision, your movements, your full expression.

Me too! As 2011 comes to a close, I find myself resonating with sadness around the story of Mohini and making a commitment to expand in 2012, to break down walls that keep me caged and open to a more expansive view of who I am and how I am meant to serve in this lifetime. Care to join me?

What size is your current cage?
What limiting beliefs do you hold too closely?
What risk is it time to take?
What are you hiding from the world?
What size cage do you envision for December 31, 2012?
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What is YOUR wisdom?