The Journey

This morning, I was prompted to let my “future self” speak to me. If you haven't ever done this, it can be quite powerful. Imagining myself 20-30 years into the future and looking back on today, I invited that older, wiser woman to guide me.

What should I focus on today? What is mine to do?

And I heard:

From this vantage point, beautiful Jeanne, I know that you will have arrived somewhere beautiful. It doesn't matter exactly what you do – or don't do. Really it doesn't! Everything moves on, flows, shifts and changes. So every structure you build will be torn down or disposed of. The most important aspect of “now” is the journey. What are you learning about navigating the journey? What are you learning about change? What are you teaching others about these things?

Oh! Down the road, it really won't matter exactly what I do today. The physical, tangible results created today will expire.

Then what matters?

To this, I heard two things:
  • How am I being on the journey?
  • What qualities do I want more of in the world?
And they are related. I want more presence, calm, ease, and joy in the world. My part in this vision is to be presence, calm, ease and joy in all that I do. My part is to navigate this life journey in a way that allows me to flow with the changes, do “it” from a place of presence. My part is to be in all that I do.

I know this message isn't new to many of you. It isn't new to me! Yet for some reason I needed to “hear” it today. Today is a piece of the journey. What I do today is less important than how I do it. I choose to do “it” with the awareness of what I want more of in the world.

How about you?

What to you vision for the world?
How will your journey today reflect your vision?

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