Making Choices


If you’ve tried to experience the kind of fulfilling life that could be described as living your vision or living with purpose, you know it isn’t always easy. Creating the life of our dreams requires that we make choices in service of our dream. Sometimes, those choices are easy to make and follow through on. Sometimes they are easy to make and hard to follow through on. Sometimes those choices seem impossible to make but once we do, the follow through feels so good!

Today, I offer a few questions that might help you stay focused on that life you dream of. Notice I’m not promising that you’ll find them easy! The next time you wonder, “Should I do *this* or not? Is *this* relationship for me? Does *this* fit into the life of my dreams?” consider:

Is this a heart throb,
or a means to my core heart throbbing life dream?

Is this one of my top 3? 2? 1?

If I had to take something away …
stop something in order to add this …
what would I stop?

Finally, if you decide to add *it* anyway, add *it* even though it is not in service of your dream, add *it* even though it takes you away from your vision, maybe it’s time to ask:

How important is my vision?

What is YOUR wisdom?