“My” Ideas … really?

This morning, I answered a question from my life coach about my upcoming workshop. Maripat asked: How are you feeling about it? And I wrote:

Thanks for asking. I am flowing – in and out of everything from mild concern to trusting that each and every person will get what they need – whatever and from wherever it comes. I’ve pretty much settled on that being a key piece to how I approach and open each workshop. “I offer ideas. You may or may not resonate with any/all of them. Your answers are found in you as you listen within and without and notice the impact.”

I continued …

I am using ideas – mostly from my own intuition. So, since you asked, I do hear a bit of fear – what if “my” ideas flop? INTERESTING!

Let me shift the perspective a bit. The Universe has dropped golden nuggets into my awareness. Like the lyrics and music I write, I transcribe the ideas, the lyrics, the notes. I bring them into manifestation. They began in and belong to the greater whole, universal mind. [this is a new idea and I am tearing up] This makes them perfect – and – temporary. They are here now to be released and have an impact. They are not meant to be free standing, or be “put on a pedestal” and admired. They are meant to be honored, used, and allowed to transform as they are touched and received by the world, the folks in this workshop.

This way of being invites me to go to the workshop with TOTAL CURIOSITY and wonder. What is meant to be planted, sprout, blossom, or be released in each person? What is possible because I am willing to be the conduit through which the Universe got this message across?
I am sitting in awe of the wisdom that just flowed through me. Not from, but through me and intended for all of humanity.

What if each of us allowed ideas to flow through us into manifestation?
What ideas are you blocking?
What are hanging onto as yours?
What idea would help you embrace your part in evolution?

What would free you?

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What is YOUR wisdom?