When “I” am “We” – Part I

Lately, I’ve been bothered during my morning centering time with questions like:

How do I feel today?
What is moving in me now?
What is my priority today?

While the intention is to help me find focus for this day and to live a purposeful life, the emphasis on “I” was keeping me in thoughts of this physical plane, my body, my to-do list, my health, sleep, energy level.

So, I am experimenting with We. “Who is we?”, you ask. We is me (my human self: mind, body, emotion) and my soul. When I come from We instead of I/Me, I remember that each of us is so much more than this human experience, this human expression of the Divine essence. And I remember that the Universe, God, the Soul Essence that infills me – and you – has a much greater and broader vision than “me”. With We  in the equation, I ask:

What is the purpose of this Life?
What is mine to do in service of the greater whole?

I find that together, me and Soul, are a powerful team!

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