Power In Perspective, Part II

A few short hours ago, I wrote this article:

Power In Perspective

I'm back because the lesson continues to deepen. I did go to the yoga studio this morning. And I went from that place of knowing it was a gift, an “I GET TO!” activity. I also went with my sacred “heart rock” in tow because I wanted my practice to be heart-led and a gift for my body which is still healing from a year-old injury.

Earlier this week, it was suggested to me that I stop yoga for awhile and let my body heal. “No!” I screamed. “If I let it go for a month or more, I may never return. I'll get soft. I must continue but honor my body when I am there.” What I'd like you to read into that statement is: “Sounds a bit stubborn, Jeanne. Definitely one perspective. But, has it worked?”

No, it hasn't worked. The suggestion to take break was the Universe yet sending another message to me. And I promptly told the Universe, “No.”

True to form, the Universe didn't quit. Remember that heart rock? Well, midway through my yoga practice, when I was pausing to honor my sore body, I remembered it. And a new perspective showed up: the Heart perspective. When my heart had a chance to be heard, the tears began to flow. I knew in that moment that I needed to take a break, that I needed to tell my teacher of my intention, and that the Heart perspective was one of immense love for this human being and this body.

As soon as I allowed the shift from stubborn to Heart, I was gifted with freedom, creative ideas, expectation of good, and ease in the process. I was also reminded of lyrics (my own – go figure!) that pretty well sum it up:

from One Grain of Sand …

What's possible on the other side of change?
What's possible when my world is rearranged?
What's possible once I've risked the letting go?
What's possible? It scares me, I don't know.

What's probable once I dare to face the light?
What's probable if I let go of this fight?
What's probable when a new way is revealed?
What's probable? Just maybe I am healed.

So I ask again:

Where would a change in perspective free you?
What's possible if you risk letting go?

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