Savasana Two Ways!

Just a few notes from today's experiment. First, what happened today? The short version is that I went to 6:00 am yoga with the intention of playing my flute as folks arrived and again as THEY were lying in Savasana. In between, I would do my own Savasana.

What has happened in these few short days is somewhat unbelievable – or not! What was at first (to me) a “No – I couldn't go to the studio and lie in Savasana for an hour!”, has turned into, “Of course that's an option! Why not?” And, after last Friday's live music, it occurred to me that I, too, could provide live music. “Why not?”

What's really happening? Is the extended meditation time, quiet mind, and peace, making me more open? Is it making me more aware, more able to see what is mine to offer? Is it making me more flexible – and not in a physical way? Since I'donly been to 6:00 am yoga once before, today was definitely a stretch. Is this new practice changing me? Maybe!

As for my Savasana today, I will admit it was challenging to settle with the guided yoga instruction present. Because I understand the class flow, it was as if I was watching the clock – unlike my experience of two days ago with a CD I'd never listened to start to finish. And I am definitely aware that I have a difficult time tuning out human speech. You may not share that challenge! But it is quite possible that I am not cut out for Savasana at the studio.

However, once I got fairly settled today and could sense the energy flow in my body, I was gifted with the physical sense that perhaps I could experience more inner energy during my actual practices than I have in the past. My focus has been so much on the outer, the pose, my body structure and alignment. What would it be like to feel this inner energy buzz during my practice? Yes, I want to find out when my foot is healed.

Have you experimented yet with longer Savasana for yourself?
Have you taken a break during your practice in child's pose or Savasana when others aren't?
What would shift in you if you did?

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