When there is nothing to say …


What do you do when you have nothing of substance to say? Do you:

  • Talk anyway, saying anything that comes to mind?
  • Write the next blog post anyway?
  • Think hard about what to say when the other person is talking?

I ask, because I wanted to write a blog post this morning but no topics were calling to me. Then I realized that many of us need to learn when NOT to speak or write, when to be silent, to listen, simply to be present to the situation or the person in front of us. Imagine this for a moment: fewer surface conversations, a calm mind, fewer posts to read, more space to ponder, wonder, dream or be still.

Today, be present to the things you say just to fill the gap. Notice when you are in conversation and not really listening. If it helps in those moments, take a deep breath. Let that breath calm your busy mind, your anxious nervous system.

What do you notice when you remain silent?

What is YOUR wisdom?